A full intense blend of "Chamber Jazz"

S�p�r�i�n�g S�p�r�i�n�g

A tribute to a musician, a tribute to a friend.

A� �t�r�i�b�u�t�e� �t�o� �a� �m�u�s�i�c�i�a�n�,� �a� �t�r�i�b�u�t�e� �t�o� �a� �f�r�i�e�n�d�. A� �t�r�i�b�u�t�e� �t�o� �a� �m�u�s�i�c�i�a�n�,� �a� �t�r�i�b�u�t�e� �t�o� �a� �f�r�i�e�n�d�.

Andrea Andreoli

Swing & Bepop, jazzy sounds from new-york.

A�n�d�r�e�a� �A�n�d�r�e�o�l�i A�n�d�r�e�a� �A�n�d�r�e�o�l�i

Chicco Gussoni

First solo project along with great guests..

C�h�i�c�c�o� �G�u�s�s�o�n�i C�h�i�c�c�o� �G�u�s�s�o�n�i

Stefano Zorco

A portrait of souls, sensations and thoughts...

S�t�e�f�a�n�o� �Z�o�r�c�o S�t�e�f�a�n�o� �Z�o�r�c�o

Piano Solo

notes as plugs of a mosaic..

P�i�a�n�o� �S�o�l�o P�i�a�n�o� �S�o�l�o

MRB - The power of trio!

A journey through "The Burden" of life.

M�R�B� �-� �T�h�e� �p�o�w�e�r� �o�f� �t�r�i�o�! M�R�B� �-� �T�h�e� �p�o�w�e�r� �o�f� �t�r�i�o�!

A new chapeter of jazz..

A balance through atmospheres and sound.

A� �n�e�w� �c�h�a�p�e�t�e�r� �o�f� �j�a�z�z�.�. A� �n�e�w� �c�h�a�p�e�t�e�r� �o�f� �j�a�z�z�.�.

The Father Of Jazz

A tribute to Louis Armstrong

T�h�e� �F�a�t�h�e�r� �O�f� �J�a�z�z T�h�e� �F�a�t�h�e�r� �O�f� �J�a�z�z

A blues novel

Different characters in one journey...

A� �b�l�u�e�s� �n�o�v�e�l A� �b�l�u�e�s� �n�o�v�e�l


A land of voices and spaces without borders

N�O�T�H�I�N�G� �T�O� �L�O�S�E N�O�T�H�I�N�G� �T�O� �L�O�S�E

Marcello Milanese as a One Man Band.

An intimate songwriting and acoustic atmospheres

M�a�r�c�e�l�l�o� �M�i�l�a�n�e�s�e� �a�s� �a� �O�n�e� �M�a�n� �B�a�n�d�. M�a�r�c�e�l�l�o� �M�i�l�a�n�e�s�e� �a�s� �a� �O�n�e� �M�a�n� �B�a�n�d�.


The best names of jazz of the last two decades..

P�A�O�L�O� �P�E�L�L�E�G�A�T�T�I� �A�N� �M�A�N�Y� �O�T�H�E�R�S�.�. P�A�O�L�O� �P�E�L�L�E�G�A�T�T�I� �A�N� �M�A�N�Y� �O�T�H�E�R�S�.�.

Brian Langlinais has a calling...

a fire-breathing collection of pop, country, rock and soul!

B�r�i�a�n� �L�a�n�g�l�i�n�a�i�s� �h�a�s� �a� �c�a�l�l�i�n�g�.�.�. B�r�i�a�n� �L�a�n�g�l�i�n�a�i�s� �h�a�s� �a� �c�a�l�l�i�n�g�.�.�.


A bridge between improvisation and writing

M�A�M�I�M�A� �P�R�O�J�E�C�T M�A�M�I�M�A� �P�R�O�J�E�C�T

Dude's company!

A Kaleidoscope of blues, jazz, rock and country...

D�u�d�e�'�s� �c�o�m�p�a�n�y�! D�u�d�e�'�s� �c�o�m�p�a�n�y�!

Gianluca Tagliazucchi Quintet

A portrait of Duke Ellington..

G�i�a�n�l�u�c�a� �T�a�g�l�i�a�z�u�c�c�h�i� �Q�u�i�n�t�e�t G�i�a�n�l�u�c�a� �T�a�g�l�i�a�z�u�c�c�h�i� �Q�u�i�n�t�e�t

Back To Back

A journey through songwriting..

B�a�c�k� �T�o� �B�a�c�k B�a�c�k� �T�o� �B�a�c�k

Michele Anelli & Chemako

The album..

M�i�c�h�e�l�e� �A�n�e�l�l�i� �&� �C�h�e�m�a�k�o M�i�c�h�e�l�e� �A�n�e�l�l�i� �&� �C�h�e�m�a�k�o

The Jazz Academy Sextet!

An Encounter With The Duke..

T�h�e� �J�a�z�z� �A�c�a�d�e�m�y� �S�e�x�t�e�t�! T�h�e� �J�a�z�z� �A�c�a�d�e�m�y� �S�e�x�t�e�t�!

R We Three?

Spaces and Colours of impro..

R� �W�e� �T�h�r�e�e�? R� �W�e� �T�h�r�e�e�?

Marcello, Roberto, Stefano

A freight train running full of blues!

M�a�r�c�e�l�l�o�,� �R�o�b�e�r�t�o�,� �S�t�e�f�a�n�o M�a�r�c�e�l�l�o�,� �R�o�b�e�r�t�o�,� �S�t�e�f�a�n�o


The New Orleans' wind is blowin...

F�A�R� �O�U�T�! F�A�R� �O�U�T�!


the shades of jazz\fusion...

Visions Visions

Grace in Sand

A vortex of blues

Grace in Sand Grace in Sand


The subtle line of rock..



The soul of Rock and Blues..


"With A Song In My Heart"

A flow of Ideas and emotion...

Francesco Minutello 4tet

New sounds and standards!

Francesco Minutello 4tet Francesco Minutello 4tet

Roguel Contreras


Roguel Contreras Roguel Contreras

Wrong And Right

Sounds, loops, jazz and atmospheres

Wrong And Right Wrong And Right

Antoher Journey!

the magic of interplay...

Antoher Journey! Antoher Journey!

F. Poggi & Chicken Mambo's history

Mercy, Spirit and Freedom..

F. Poggi & Chicken Mambo's history F. Poggi & Chicken Mambo's history

Tetra Q Artet

A vortex of rhythm and melody!

Tetra Q Artet Tetra Q Artet

Slang Trio

the guitar language!

Slang Trio Slang Trio

Beautiful tales are written..

we have to experience them!

Beautiful tales are written.. Beautiful tales are written..

In My Mind

The subtle thread of a musical thought

In My Mind In My Mind

A Jazzy flavour album..

groovin on great Rock-Pop tunes!

A Jazzy flavour album.. A Jazzy flavour album..

L'Umana Resistenza

A letter for a bright future...

L'Umana Resistenza L'Umana Resistenza

Just "Nice Scribbles"

Jazz Masters and art sketches...

Just Just

A sample of our music on believe digital

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Toni Germani - "L'ora blu"Paolo Faga - "Without Name"

Fabio Zambelli - Elè

Price: €10.00




Genere: Jazz



After many performances, across Italy and UK, with Hammond guitar trio, Fabio Zambelli reinterpreted bassless bands in new ways, using keyboard-instruments different from organ, such as Electric Piano in the case of album “Elè”. Among this projects Fabio Zambelli’s Trio, born and grown in London, proposes a personal and unique compositional improvising style contextualized into a modern-jazz form with a European background. Along with the leader there are two notable London musicians: Pete Whittaker at  electric piano and Laurie Lowe at the drums, who have an artistic partnership with Fabio since a long time, through a wide range of projects, extended from classic-jazz to modern-jazz.


Fabio Zambelli - Chitarra
Pete Whittaker - Piano elettrico
Laurie Lowe – Batteria


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